Get the analysis you need to make the best decision!

Acquiring a new practice can present itself with a number of risks to weight. Let us provide you with actionable data you need to make the best decision. Many insurance companies will require you to purchase the same fee schedule and network that the selling provider utilized. However, there are multiple ways to get paid for one patient base. PPO Advisors knows how to navigate through insurance roadblocks to ensure the new buyer is on the best networks and fee schedules available which often results in a 20-30 percent increase of PPO reimbursements.

Through an analysis of the practice you are purchasing, we will:

Our goal is for you to succeed and we will be by your side every step of the way!

Through this process we will save you a vast amount of time and paperwork by handling the credentialing process for you, quickly and efficiently; resulting in a higher return on your investment. We will also assist your practice with insurance training and support for 12 months, ensuring front-office success through your transition into ownership.