About PPO Advisors

With over a decade of experience in the dental industry and extensive experience working with insurance participation, we understand the importance of managing your insurance involvement in a way that best fits your practice and future goals. We have worked hard to build and maintain relationships with insurance companies and their reps and it’s these relationships that ensure our success and future negotiations that will continue to increase your revenue. Through those negotiations we have increased revenue by tens of thousands of dollars for dental practices across the nation.

IDS PPO Advisors

Shelley DeGroff - Founder

Our Founder, Shelley DeGroff knows dentistry.  After graduating from the University of Nebraska, she began working as a dental receptionist in a nearby dental office.  After completing her certification as a dental assistant, Shelley transitioned to become a successful Office Manager. It was in that role that Shelley began noticing the need for PPO negotiations for her employing doctor.  This experience began the business model for PPO Advisors, which has now become a nationwide industry leader.

Our Team

When working with PPO Advisors, you get to work with an entire team that is dedicated to your PPO success. All employees of PPO Advisors have worked in the dental industry for at least 10 years. We are able to bring real dental experience and knowledge to your practice! 

All members of PPO Advisors work together to ensure that you obtain the best PPO support possible.